What About Black Kittens?


Black kittens are some of the cutest kittens ever! Unfortunately, they come with a stigma of superstition. Many people believe that black cats are bad luck and therefore will not adopt them. Did you know that black kittens get euthanized at much higher rates than any other color cat? It is simply because less people are willing to adopt them.

black kittenBlack cats bring about many superstitions. In the United States as well as most of Europe, it is considered bad luck if one crosses your path. In Germany, it may be good or bad luck, depending on the direction in which the cat is heading. In Japan and the United Kingdom, it is considered good luck to cross a black cat.

If you are even thinking about adopting a black kitten-please do! They are in dire need of more happy homes willing to take them in. I am sure you will be pleased with what you get. Black kittens can be some of the most loving kittens around. They tend to have great, robust personalities, are very inquisitive and quite playful.

Any color cat can have black kittens. Although it may be strange to see a white mother having a black kitten, it is completely normal. Black kittens also come in many breeds. One of the most common breeds is the domestic shorthair and domestic longhair. Since these breeds are so common, black cats are common among them as well. The Bombay is a very popular black cat breed. It is a very silky, beautiful black cat.

On the infamous website, ICanHasCheeseburger, black cats are called basement cats, and white cats are called ceiling cats, a slight reference to evil and good, heaven and hell. Basement cats are considered more conniving, often quoted as debating stealing your soul, or counting how many days you have left to live. Ceiling cats on the other hand are portrayed as good natured. This is all in the name of fun, of course, and if you have a chance, I recommend you visit that site as it is tons of fun!


  1. It may be all in the name of fun to call black cats basement cats and white cats ceiling cats, but all it’s doing is enforcing the negative stigma against innocent black kitties. It’s a shame that more black kitties have to die. It’s shame that that more people don’t spay and neuter their pets to control the population.

    • Hi Michelle! I totally understand your point of view about the stimga of black cats. However, I happily call my black kitty a ‘basement cat’. I don’t think of it as meaning ‘evil’, but instead mysterious, stealthy, and a bit conniving, all of which my black cat certainly is. In fact, we call her the ninja kitty!

  2. we have two black kittens that are very loving!! they never bite or scratch us evrn though i never give then peace!!

  3. we have 2 black cats (one is a Bombay) and they are the light of our life’s. They are absolutely wonderful, it is ridiculous that black cats suffer because of superstition. All cats are wonderful but black cats are incredibly captivating and funny.

  4. Florence Tatosian says:

    My Black Beauty is named Greta, after Greta Garbo who seem to share very similiar personalities. I am totally convinced she is either a reincarnation of Greta G. or was at least some sort of aristocratic female in a prior life. She reminds me every day of how ‘lucky’ I am to have her.

  5. I love black cats. They are very clever and coniving (CUTE) our black cat loves gilt tripping us into giving her cuddles which is entertaining and really cute! I am actually a member of ICHC and basment cats are in all just a bit of fun and on there all cats are pictured as being the ultimate race and a little bit evil just a bit of fun.

  6. Black cats suffer because of of the so called “religious” associations humanity has been brain washed into believing if these black cats are “evil” then why do your priests/nuns were the color black ? are they evil as well? animals with that coat color did NOT sign a secret pact with the devil that man has created, now isn’t that a wee bit foolish sounding? but I’m sure that some bible thumper will DIS-agree with me ok enough of the craziness the only thing bad about having a black cat is when the cat is shedding and you have all white furniture.
    I’m outta here.

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