How to Choose a Cat Collar

Every cat should have a good collar. This can be a hard decision on your part though. It is quite simple to walk into a pet store and purchase the cheapest cat collar you can find, but that is not necessarily the best one for your kitty.

Though the choice of collar is mostly one of personal preference, you must get one which fits your kitty properly. Before going to the store and purchasing one, make sure to take a tape measure and measure around your cats neck. Make sure it is not to tight, but tight enough that it will not fall off easily. Many of these collars come in sizes ranging from extra-small to 4XL. You will need to look for a chart which will tell you what this means in inches for that brand.

The most important thing that a collar can have on it is your address and telephone number. Even if you do not allow your kitty to go outside, kitties are smart and can sometimes escape. You also never know when a disaster will strike, like a fire, and you may lose track of your cat.

It is also important to not restrict your cats movement with a collar. Since collars are able to get stuck on things when your cat is exploring his tight spaces, you may want to look at getting a break-away collar. This will break away from the cat if he gets caught on or under something.

Although you do not need to to walk a cat as you do a dog, some people like to do this. This works better with some breeds than others. If you do decide to walk your kitty, you cannot simply attach the leash to the collar like a dog. This will hurt the cat. Instead, you need to get a harness which distributes the pull more evenly on the cat’s body. These are made in two styles, figure eight and H style.

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