The Best Food For Sick Cats

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Sick cats generally lose their appetites and can be difficult to feed at a time when it is crucial that they receive the best nutrition to aid their recovery. They can quickly lose weight and become lethargic, which in turn can create even more serious health problems such as liver failure. So if your cat falls ill or is recovering from any surgery, it is vital to know which are the best foods to encourage them to eat and improve their appetite.

Cats who have little appetite need to be fed food that is easy to for them to digest. Because their metabolism slows down when they are ill and inactive, any food given to them needs to be suitable so that it doesn’t put any kind of strain on their digestive system. Their liver and intestines slow down too, so normal food may be too difficult for them to cope with.

Types of food for sick cats

Many leading cat food manufacturers produce food specifically designed for sick cats to eat and digest. There are also foods for particular illnesses and conditions such as kidney and liver problems, allergies and for sensitive stomachs. Other types have been designed to be fed to cats recovering from surgery to aid their recovery.

Royal Canin veterinary diet food comes in a wide variety of illness-specific foods. These include formulas for cats with colitis and inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, stress-related disorders such as skin conditions, and to help with feline diabetes and kidney problems.


Royal Canin cat food and Applaws cat food are other leading brands which provide food that can tempt sick cats to eat. Each food has been developed to contain the necessary nutrients to give them the vitamins and minerals they need to regain their health. Hand feeding a sick cat is recommended and food can be mashed and rubbed in the cat’s mouth to encourage them to eat by stimulating their appetite. Alternatively, you can liquidise it and use a syringe to feed your cat directly into its mouth.


By choosing the right type of food for a sick cat, you can help them to recover quickly from illness or stabilise a long-term problem, prolonging the lifespan and improving the quality of life for even very sick animals.

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