What Kitten Food Should I Feed My Kitten?

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Getting a new kitten is exciting! And confusing…there are so many brands of kitten food out there, how on Earth are you supposed to know which one is the best for your kitten? First off, if your kitten is older than four weeks but younger than eight weeks, then she should be in the weaning process and you should read our article on kitten weaning. If she is younger than four weeks, you should be feeding her a milk replacement, or if her mother is around, allow her to drink her mother’s milk.



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First off, if you kitten is weaned, then she has likely been eating kitten food wherever she previously lived. Check with the shelter, or person you got the kitten from, and, if it is a high quality kitten food, then keep giving her that. A change in food at this age can cause considerable stomach problems. Unless, of course, they had been feeding her low quality meals, or one which is not for kittens. In this case, you will want to choose a kitten food of quality to feed her. Switch it gradually, as to not upset her stomach. Mix in a little bit of the quality food every day, adding more each time, until the kitten is eating only high quality solids.



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You should only feed your kitten food which is labeled as ‘kitten food’. This is because it contains a higher amount of protein which gives the kitten the energy she needs to grow up strong and healthy. Additionally, you should feed her canned food is possible. Dry food can be given as an in-between meals treat if you want, but canned should be the main staple of the kittens diet. For more information on canned vs dry foods, click here.


Kittens need a lot more food than adults do. This is due to how fast they grow. Whereas you may feed an adult cat once or twice a day, you will likely need to feed a kitten four to five times a day.   Unlike adult cats, who may overeat when free-fed, you can leave out meals for a kitten and she will only eat as much as she needs. This is one of the reason why you may want ot supplement her wet food diet with dry food, as leaving canned food out for too long will allow bacteria to grow. .


  1. i think this information was very useful for me . i have learned alot .my kitten is a happy and playful and not fat . so thankyou very much

  2. Yes, fed my cat science diet. Feed that the soak all food in water for 2 min… Then they digest better!!

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