Does Your Cat Have Ear Mites?

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Does your cat have ear mites? The first and most frequent sign is intense itching. If you can see a dark crumbly substance in your cats ears, then they may have ear mites. These are small, parasitic insects which feed on the skin cells in a cat’s ears.


Before treating a cat for ear mites, you need to make sure that this is actually the problem. Look carefully at the black substance in your cat’s ears. Can you see it moving? Then it is likely ear mites. If you are unsure, or your cat is difficult to handle, you should take your cat to the vet.

Ear mites are very common and can be transferred from one animal to another very easily. They can be treated by the removal of all of the substance in the ear, and then treatment with a topical solution which kills the remaining mites as well as any unhatched eggs. You must do this to every animal in the house–even if they are not affected, because they could have eggs in them.


Cat Ear Cleaning Solution

Cat Ear Cleaning Solution

Begin by removing the ear mites. You can do this using an ear-cleaning solution that you can get at a pet store. Put several drops of the solution in the cats ear and massage gently. Massaging will help get all of the mites out.


Ear Mite Treatment

Ear Mite Treatment

After you have done this, you should apply an ear miticide. These products are available at pet stores and contain a specific insecticide for ear mites.

You will need to repeat these two steps every day for as long as the miticide tells you to. This process usually takes about a week. You are repeating the process to make sure that all of the mites are dead and cannot reinfect or infest your other animals.

If the over the counter medication doesn’t work, or your cats ears begin to get raw, then you absolutely need to go see a vet. The vet will have better medicines which will work faster and the vet will be able to make sure that the mites are cleared up for good.

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